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The MPE organises every month complimentary webinars with experts from merchant payments ecosystem.

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Future of Merchant Acquiring

The Future of Authentication for eCommerce

How passwordless technology can help you overcome PSD2 pains

Payment Abuse in the Fraud Economy: Growth Fuelled Risk and Moving Targets

The Many Faces of Fraud

How Global Buy Now, Pay Later Companies Optimized Customer Experience While Blocking Fraud

A Day in the Life of a Deep Web Fraudster

Practical Advice on Preparing for PSD2 Enforcement in the UK

A challenging opportunity: Authentication, 3DS and fraud prevention in emerging markets

The Rise of the Deep Web Fraudster

Fraud Fighters: Measuring the True Impact of Your Fraud Ops Team

SCA Enforcement: Lessons Learned

PSD2 and beyond: From imagining the future to filling in the gaps

Fighting the rise in chargeback fraud

Onboarding Merchants Online: The European Marketplace Playbook

How fraudsters misuse and abuse marketplaces

Navigating SCA: How open banking can help

Delivering on the New Standard in Merchant Onboarding

Brazil hot trends: The boost of e-commerce and instant payments (Pix)

Checkout and Conversion in Emerging markets

Merchant Onboarding: Make Faster and Smarter Decisions

Build better checkout experiences with open banking

How smaller businesses can leverage marketplaces as a platform for growth

Know Your Risk. Always. How to Trust Your Fraud Prevention Data to Maximise Conversions?

Fulfill Your Cross-Border Destiny in 2021

No longer alternative: the future of local payment methods is here!

The marketplace model: Added value or an economic recovery mechanism?

The Local Checkout Experience

SRC and Network Tokenization as upcoming technologies to improve the checkout experience

PSD2 Acquirer Exemptions and Delegated Authentication

Payments in a time of social distancing

PSD2 SCA: What is new in 3DS 2.2 and how to implement a seamless experience in merchant apps

PSD2: How machine learning can help PSPs to meet modern consumers' digital demands

Payments in Mobility and Vending - Digital integration of cashless payments

PSD2 SCA: How Merchants and Payment Providers Can Maximize Acceptance

The New Landscape of Payments:

Global Payments Made Easy

Key trends and insights on Merchant Payments 2019/2020

Travel Payments in Europe

GDPR: A Merchant's Perspective

Make or buy? How PSPs can extend their offering from online to POS and omnichannel payment

GDPR in Financial Services: The World of Controllers or Processors?

The real revolution in payments will be real-time payments

Is Europe on the way to Open or Close Banking?

voice of mpe - podcasts

Diversity and Inclusion with Claire Maslen and hosts - part 2

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Diversity and Inclusion with Claire Maslen and hosts

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The use of embedded finance

learn more

Marketing to investors - live

learn more

Innovation in the world of payments

learn more

Regulation: PSD2 to PSD3

learn more

The endless possibilities of SoftPOS

learn more

Payment acceptance value chain NOW

learn more

Conference outcomes - Strategic discussions

learn more

Creating seamless consumer experience

learn more

New frontier for payments - Social commerce

learn more

The power of data

learn more

The next stage for payments: Digital currencies

learn more

Wallets, Apps, Loyalty and Payments

learn more

Staying ahead of fraudsters

learn more

Unlocking Global Markets

learn more

SCA Work-in-progress

learn more

Effective risk management strategies

learn more

Future of acquiring

learn more

Local payment methods beyond cards

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People for payments

learn more

Standards working towards better payments

learn more

Payments of tomorrow - The METAVERSE

learn more

Retail Reinvented

learn more

Digital identity and payments ecosystem

learn more

Innovations in technology and experience reshaping the payments business

learn more

Open banking as an enabler

learn more

Payment orchestration

learn more

Embedded payments: SaaS strategy guide

learn more

New frontier for payments - E-cars and E-mobility

learn more

Regulations debate

learn more

Working towards an OPEN ecosystem

learn more

New frontier for payments - Gaming and Gambling

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Sustainable payments

learn more

On the Edge of Change

learn more

Blurring Boundaries in Merchant Payments 2023

learn more

Reinventing the in-store check-out experience with SoftPOS technology

learn more

Debunking Fraud and Scam

learn more

The Payments of Tomorrow

learn more

Revealing the Secrets of B2B Payments

learn more

The Perfect Payments Strategy

learn more

The Big Role of Regulation

learn more

Saving the World with Payments

learn more

Success Stories of Start-ups that Originated at MPE Conferences

learn more

Data Driven Innovation in Merchant Payments

learn more

A Match Made in Berlin - MPE Success Stories

learn more

Challenges of Talent Management in the Payments Industry

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positivity magazine

POSitivity magazine brings you a selected combination of aggregated and proprietary industry news from the merchant payments area. The magazine is being issued quarterly. We carefully prepare the content and present it to you in a digestible format and in visuals that are both appealing and easy to read. You can enjoy the content both on desktops and mobile devices alike, whether online or offline.

The magazine is delivered as a digital copy and you are notified each time a new issue comes out along with a direct download link.

positivity magazine issue 104
Issue 104
April 2024

It was a blast again

positivity magazine issue 103
Issue 103
March 2024

Berlin calling

positivity magazine issue 102
Issue 102
December 2023

christmas edition

positivity magazine issue 101
Issue 101
October 2023

a closer look at the mpe 2024 conference news

positivity magazine issue 100
Issue 100
August 2023

mpe summer reading

positivity magazine issue 99
Issue 99
May 2023

Key moments from conference

positivity magazine issue 98
Issue 98
March 2023

Pre-conference issue: predictions and interviews with payments experts

positivity magazine issue 97
Issue 97
November 2022

MPE 2023 - New opportunities await

positivity magazine issue 96
Issue 96
August 2022

MPE 2022 - Key Moments from Conference

positivity magazine issue 95
Issue 95
June 2022

Bursting Bubbles at MPE 2022!

positivity magazine issue 94
Issue 94
April 2022

Win 3-days Conference Ticket for You at MPE 2022!

positivity magazine issue 93
Issue 93
January 2022

Merchant PayMents industry Leaders’ Forecasts For 2022

positivity magazine issue 92
Issue 92
November 2021

MPE 2022 is the Ultimate Payments Conference

positivity magazine issue 91
Issue 91
August 2021

Merchant Payments Ecosystem Trends & Priorities in 2021/2022?

positivity magazine issue 90
Issue 90
June 2021

MPE 2021 Awards: TOP Merchant Payments Influencers & Companies to Watch In 2021

positivity magazine issue 89
Issue 89
March 2021

MPE 2021 Virtual Conference Summary

positivity magazine issue 88
Issue 88
January 2021

3 Weeks to GO!

positivity magazine issue 87
Issue 87
November 2020

MPE 2021 goes VIRTUAL

positivity magazine issue 86
Issue 86
August 2020

MPE Summer Week 2020 - 1 week left to register

positivity magazine issue 85
Issue 85
June 2020

Issue dedicated to Navigating Covid-19

positivity magazine issue 84
Issue 84
April 2020

MPE 2020 - Key moments from conference chairs, speakers and press

positivity magazine issue 83
Issue 83
January 2020

MPE 2020 - 2 weeks left to register

positivity magazine issue 82
Issue 82
December 2019

Future of Merchant Payments

positivity magazine issue 81
Issue 81
September 2019

SCA transition plans across Europe and industry perspectives

positivity magazine issue 80
Issue 80
July 2019

What's new @ MPE 2020

positivity magazine issue 79
Issue 79
March 2019

MPE 2019 - Key moments from conference chairs, speakers and press

positivity magazine issue 78
Issue 78
January 2019

MPE 2019 - 3 weeks left to register

positivity magazine issue 77
Issue 77
November 2018

Will European regulatory initiatives bring tougher decisions for acquirers and PSPs in 2019?

positivity magazine issue 76
Issue 76
May 2018

MPE Awards 2018 Winners & Interviews

positivity magazine issue 75
Issue 75
March 2018

MPE 2018 conference. Key moments from conference chairs,speakers and press

positivity magazine issue 74
Issue 74
February 2018

Key Merchant Payments Challenges in 2018 by MPE 2018 chairman & speakers

positivity magazine issue 73
Issue 73
December 2017

Big deals begin with conversations you start at MPE

positivity magazine issue 71
Issue 71
March 2017

MPE 2017 Breakdowns


online courses by Neira Jones

There are two modules in this section. The first module gives a comprehensive overview of how the card payments ecosystem works, its actors and models. The second module examines the various roles and requirements, explain the money flows, as well as giving a worldwide overview of the markets and trends in different sectors and geographies.

Payments 101 - Part 1 - Card Payments Mechanics

Payments 101 - Part 2 - Card Payments Economics