- Are we heading to a reality where value will be completely tokenized - no current accounts anymore?

- Does the payment network have any role in the Metaverse?

- Is the fraud challenge already sorted, or is there still an element of exposure and risk?

- Which protocols will win in the Metaverse? Is it going to be a multi-protocol environment?

- What are the challenges around privacy and security within the environment, within the versions of the Metaverse?

- Which regulators are going to get involved?

mpe 2023 conference speakers: David Birch / Consult Hyperion, Stephen Winyard / Salt Edge, Faheem Bakshi / Kinguin, and Roman Pavlov / Mint Ventures XYZ in a discussion hosted by amazing Francesco Burelli / Arkwright Consulting, discussing the Metaverse as the payments of tomorrow.

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