- Are there other ways to drive adoption?

- What percentage of the reduction of false positives or manual reviews can a merchant achieve by switching from rule-based to a digital identity vendor?

- Is digital identity still relevant for fraud prevention?

- How do you decide, as a merchant, which fraud tool to use?

- Is there a difference between a rule-based approach and an identity-based approach when complex AI rules modelling is in place?

mpe 2023 conference speakers: Galit Shani-Michel / Forter, Andy Grant / Spreedly, Keren Aviasaf / Worx Payments, Rajat Hubli / HelloFresh, and Reinhard Höll / McKinsey & Company in a discussion hosted by great Rogier Rouppe van der Voort / PCN, discussing the verifiable credentials, digital identity & personalised services implications for the Merchant Payments Ecosystem.

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