In this episode, we cover the story of ID-Pal, an innovative Start-up that won the category: Best Start-Up at MPE 2018 Awards. ID-Pal is a SaaS solution for KYC enabling businesses to verify the identity of their customers. Using advanced mobile technologies, ID-Pal reduces the cost and risk associated with customer onboarding, whilst removing any friction from the user experience.

ID-Pal attended MPE 2018 in order to explore and validate the Payments Industry as a possible market opportunity and showcased its solution on the main stage in front of over 1000 C-level industry participants in the Innovation Corner Competition. The company was voted by the event participants and awarded as the most innovative Start-up at the MPE 2018  Awards. According to James, the event proved to be invaluable for the business, providing crucial exposure to industry leaders, access to a broad client network and instant feedback on the ID-Pal product. 

By listening to this episode you will learn: 
-  What changed for ID-Pal after winning the Award? 
-  What are their key achievements so far and how did winning an MPE Award help the company grow? 
-  What are the future trends in verifying customers’ identity?

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