In this episode, Alan Moss interviewed Jarrko Anttiroiko at the MPE 2020 conference about a successful start-up and established payment provider partnership started at the MPE 2017 conference.

Finnish Enterpay and German VR Payment entered into a successful partnership after meeting at the MPE 2017 conference in Berlin. Jarkko Anttiroiko, CEO of the Finnish fintech startup Enterpay shared his story and views on the future of B2B e-commerce with the audience during a live session on the stage. It was there that Jarkko managed to capture the curiosity and interest of a German banking group. 

In this podcast Jarkko reveals the journey leading to this extraordinary partnership. The issues that Jarkko Anttiroiko raised and Enterpay’s solution resonated well with VR Payment, who reached out to Enterpay directly after the presentation. The two parties quickly decided to explore the options for collaboration. 
Partnership between VR Payment and Enterpay is well in place and their first joint product has been brought to market.

What you will learn in this episode:
- The story of successful partnership between start-up and established payment provider: key milestones in a product launch in 2019, achievements and lessons learned.
- How to launch a payment innovation on European markets in cooperation with local merchants and financial services providers.
- Future trends in verifying customers’ identity. 

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