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agenda at a glance

  • Acquiring value chain NOW
    - Drivers, Technology innovation, M&As and investments
    - Payment data driving the business growth
    - Next-generation shopping channels (chat, streaming, apps, social media)
    - Local acquiring & CX operations seamless
    - Future of legacy acquirers

    The "payments complexity" challenge
    - - Optimisation of payment methods/choices for customers
    - Engagement, conversion, seamless checkout, retention
    - End-to-end solutions vs payments orchestration vs payments facilitation
    - Payouts distribution
    - Unsuccessful payments - what can we do if the payment fails? How to manage involuntary churn?

    Embedded finance
    - SME, B2B and B2C successful implementations
    - Acquiring as a service, Payments as a service

    Marketplace & Social commerce on the rise
    - Merchant of record, Marketplace, Platform or Payfac? The benefits and drawbacks of each model as it relates to their position in the market and their longer-term strategic goals
    - What is the best strategy to grow your business in 2023 Investments, payment infrastructure and training explained
    - Case studies, options, pros and cons

  • - New tech & infrastructure for connected experiences
    - The growth potential of SoftPOS: incentives, ratings, loyalty, VAS & personalisation
    - Digital receipts - a bridge to better interaction, sustainability and new POS experience
    - Cashierless shopping: more scanning devices, more loyalty, more data points
    - Shopping in the Metaverse

  • - Regulatory evolution: PSD2 >>> PSD3 the current status of payments regulation
    - SCA - PSD3 updates on SCA
    - CBDC regulation - The future of European payments and the potential of CBDC
    - KYB/KYC
    - Real-time checks
    - BNPL - updates, changes & regulations
    - Interchange fees

  • - What's next for Open banking//finance/data? - updates, case studies
    - Open finance for financial inclusion and a cashless society
    - EPI - expansion, adoption & the future
    - What's new in the realm of real-time/local payments
    - Subscription is becoming a large part of the business (not to mention an amazing ongoing revenue source) for many merchants. Whether it's toilet paper, make-up, software or pay-per-use bicycle, it can work for an increasing range of merchants
    - BNPL - updates, changes & regulations

  • - Innovation in commerce via Chat GPT - how does the merchant interact with chat GPT
    - What does AI in payment mean? What are the technologies and implications outside of fraud?
    - How does AI differ from machine learning? How does AI impact my business & payments?
    - Customer service = AI in payments. How can existing AI use cases impact payments?

  • - CBDC (Digital Euro)/ Stablecoins - wholesale examples (Wordline & ECB cooperation, Amazon)
    - Digital euro - the role of commercial banks, the review of EC proposal - CBDCs in the world - Brazil, Africa
    - CBDC and the evolving regulatory and policy environment
    - Focus on servicing CBDC - Implication for payments in web3.0

  • - Smart wallets to manage funds, ID, medical info, etc
    - Fast, secure, convienient
    - Wallets >>> value >>> loyalty
    - Financial inclusion with wallets - -Accessibility of payments, adoption, different shareholders' POV
    - A platform for innovation & evolution

  • - Integrated security and fraud prevention practice for safe payments in the hyper-connected, high cyber-threat environment
    - Identity & frictionless authentification, FIDO and other protocols to eliminate friction
    - Fraud prevention & cybersecurity innovations
    - Data Sharing
    - Biometric & AI-driven ID verification

    Tokenization & Vaults for tokens
    - Network tokens for schemes
    - Third-party payments vault vendors (for tokens)

    Effective Risk Managementment
    - How do you build the minimum risk environment and keep up with fraudsters?
    - Strategies for chargebacks management
    - Friendly fraud - solutions and answers
    - Manual review best practice

  • - Local payment methods beyond cards
    - International expansion strategies
    - How to seek an edge in cross-border payments?
    - Optimising FX and cross-border payments

  • Technology and talent are critical investment factors enabling financial services and fintech companies to achieve consistent and scalable growth. Payments have become a global career opportunity, and competition for talent within the sector is escalating. The ability of companies to source, hire, develop and retain key staff has become a critical business issue.

  • - The transition to digital platforms for better efficiency, cost savings, and accuracy.
    - Innovations in cross-border B2B payments
    - B2B payment platform security features, including encryption, authentication, and fraud detection.
    - B2B payments: Opportunities for market disruption

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mpe 2024 advisory board

The MPE Advisory Board is carefully built from top experts in CNP, POS and merchant payment acceptance area.

Andrzej Tomaszewski
Andrzej Tomaszewski
Payment Product Manager, Prezi
Brittany Allen
Brittany Allen
Trust & Safety Architect, Sift
Daniel Kornitzer
Daniel Kornitzer
Advisory Board Member, Tillo
David Birch
David Birch
Director of Innovation, Consult Hyperion
Elena Emelyanova
Elena Emelyanova
Senior Payments and Fraud manager , Wargaming
Nilixa Devlukia
Nilixa Devlukia
Founder, Payments Solved
Alan Moss
Alan Moss
MD Europe for Western Europe, Newland Payment Technology
Andréa Toucinho
Andréa Toucinho
Director of Studies, Prospective and Training, Partelya Consulting
Anirudh Narla
Anirudh Narla
Head of Payments (Director of Product), Hopper
David Parker
David Parker
CEO, Polymath Consulting
Debbie Crawford
Debbie Crawford
Vice President, Acquirer Management Europe, Mastercard
Kestas Saulis
Kestas Saulis
Head of Payments, Nord Security
Masha Cilliers
Masha Cilliers
Founder and Principal Consultant, Payment Options Ltd
Matteo Gamba
Matteo Gamba
Head of Product - Global Payments & Fraud, Wayfair
Matthias Terlau
Matthias Terlau
Partner, GÖRG business law firm
Mélisande Mual
Mélisande Mual
Managing Director, Publisher, The Paypers
Neil Caldwell
Neil Caldwell
SVP Merchant Sales & Acquiring, Europe, Visa
Neira Jones
Neira Jones
Independent Advisor & International Speaker ,
Paul Rodgers
Paul Rodgers
Chairman, Vendorcom
Pavel Kaminsky
Pavel Kaminsky
Founder & CEO, 7Security
Volker Schloenvoigt
Volker Schloenvoigt
Principal, Edgar, Dunn & Company
Zack Powers
Zack Powers
Head of Account Management , Worldline
full list of advisory board


InterContinental Berlin

Budapester Strasse 2
10785 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 26020
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00

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