- Will the growth come from the bottom, not the top?

- How easy is it to integrate the new and the old?

- How could the change in the retail checkout process reinvigorate and drive people back into the store?

- Do you expect to see the use of SoftPOS to complete an e-commerce transaction?

- What is the most significant change in technology or payment solution that merchants will adopt over the next 18 to 24 months?

mpe 2023 conference speakers: Houssem Assadi / Dejamobile, Kirsty Morris / Barclaycard, Giulio De Taddeo / Nexi Group, Boris Ferlet / Ingenico, and Pierre Aurel / Halo Dot in a discussion hosted by excellent David Parker / Polymath Consulting, discussing the SoftPOS and retailer smart apps as the optimizing engagement across channels.

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