In this episode, we cover the story of two innovative payments Start-ups that presented their solutions at MPE 2020 in Berlin.

Melisande Mual, the host of this episode, spoke to Sebastian Weyer & Julian Lee at the MPE2020 conference in Berlin, about the ways their companies help customers with data driven innovation in payments and how merchants use data in order to stay relevant.

With a multitude of new companies entering the payment market every day, it's hard to make a start-up stand out. Sebastian and Julian shared valuable tips that had helped differentiate their brands from the competition. 

By listening to this podcast you will learn: 
- How they took their companies from a concept to reality.
-Advice they would give to young European entrepreneurs that are getting started.

Statice is a start-up company offering unique data anonymisation solution. Sebastian explains how his company enables businesses to stay innovative with smart synthetic data in a privacy-compliant manner. Data-driven innovation of tomorrow starts with protecting data today.

Cellfie’s unique solution turns all e-commerce transactions into card-present transactions, addressing the long-standing issues with online card not present transactions such as consumers’ friction at checkout page, CNP false declines, CNP chargebacks, etc. With Cellfie, consumers benefit from the highest level of security and reduce their potential for e-commerce fraud with no credit card data being stored on their device or in the cloud.

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