-  How will charging stations and connected cars help drive the payment revolution?

-  Fingerprint payments and innovations specific for e-mobility, should other verticals be inspired?

-  How will connected cars help drive the payment revolution?

-  How are the car brands working with chip vendors and the security ecosystem to ensure that level of protection?

-  When will these visions become a mass market? How far away are we from having connected electric vehicles that deal with everything for us? 

MPE 2023 conference speakers: Michel Rudolf von Rohr / Nexi Group, Eric Aufricht / Mercedes pay / Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, André Moeller / Elli, Itamar Hasson / Mastercard, and Reinhard Höll / McKinsey & Company in a discussion hosted by amazing Claire Maslen / Consult Hyperion debate e-cars and e-mobility as a new payment frontier.

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