What’s the merchants’ No. 1 priority?

Is cash truly disappearing?

What do merchant payments experts consider the most significant change in five years?

Take a look at what’s changing under the hood in trends impacting merchant payments with great Dave Birch at MPE 2023 in Berlin, featuring: Dennis McNulty / GetYourGuide, Francesco Altisent / Riskified, Olof Wirfelt / Trustly, Tommaso Jacopo Ulissi / Nexi and Maria Parpou / Mastercard. 

Here is a snapshot of what you’ll hear in our latest podcast.

The technology is here to provide what you need - you can go anywhere in the world with a piece of plastic in your bag /or even without it, simply using your phone/ and you can pay everywhere.

AI already exists in the world of fraud prevention - it’s just starting to get into payment orchestration. Should AI be driving where payments should be going to minimalize the tedious task of many consumers, like how to pay to get the most of benefits? What about letting our smart wallet do that for us? It is a change from where we are now because we’ve grown up in an environment where consumers make these choices. 

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