[WEBINAR] The real revolution in payments will be real-time payments

This webinar will explain how the move to real-time payments will likely be the next major move in payments. Real-time or instant payments allow money to be sent and received between bank accounts in just a few seconds, every day, all day. For merchants this means quicker settlement and lower costs. The United Kingdom, China, Singapore, South Korea, the SEPA zone, and India have already built core payment technologies supporting real-time payments. Countries like the United States, Canada, Netherlands and Brazil are beginning to pilot and plan the service. In many cases since the transaction limits are often higher than typical consumer payments, RTP could also be used business to business payments.

Speakers & Panelists

Manika Singh



Edgar, Dunn & Company

Jack Ehlers

Director of Payment Partnerships

PPRO Group

Amos Kater

Head of Products

Currence iDEAL b.v.