[WEBINAR] Onboarding Merchants Online: The European Marketplace Playbook

Treating digital merchants as first class citizens is quickly becoming a vital aspect of staying competitive in any industry: from payments to business lending and eCommerce marketplaces. As a path forward, we will also focus on the emerging role of data to power the creation of automatic onboarding workflows that enable organizations to accept more good customers with a high level of confidence.

In this webinar:
We will synthesize market data, research and trends to provide an analysis of the shifting European digital onboarding trends that have been pushed to the limit by the rise in small merchants and sole proprietors.
We will highlight regional, by-country compliance nuances from various EU countries.
We will discuss and take live questions around the topic of digital onboarding.

Speakers & Panelists

Daniel Belda

Director of Market Strategy – Payments


Tony Solomon


Solomont Ltd Payments Consultancy