[WEBINAR] Navigating SCA: How open banking can help

As Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into force, any person making a purchase online will need to take extra steps to confirm their identity when paying with a card.

One of the most significant concerns for businesses is that this will impact conversion rates - studies suggest it could reduce conversion on card payments by 30%, and businesses stand to lose billions in online sales.

Open banking payments offer an SCA compliant payment option that doesn't sacrifice conversion or customer experience - customers can pay in a few simple steps. Not only that, open banking payments convert up to 40% higher than other methods such as cards.

In this webinar, you’ll learn from experts across the payments industry about how you can sidestep the SCA headache using new technology like open banking.

Speakers & Panelists

Tim Richards


Principal Consultant

Consult Hyperion

Bobby Chadha

Head of Product


Jack Wilson

Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs


Kristian T. Sørensen

Founding Partner