[WEBINAR] Brazil hot trends: The boost of e-commerce and instant payments (Pix)

Did you know that Brazilian e-commerce gained more than 13 million e-shoppers and grew 47% in 2020? The webinar will present an overview of the unmatchable. Webshoppers study made by Ebit | Nielsen that brings this and many other data and insights from the e-commerce segment in Brazil and its trends for the future. Moreover, we will present highlights about the cross-border section and local payment methods in Brazil, especially the rise of instant payment tool (Pix). Pix is the Brazilian Central Bank’s instant payment solution that is revolutionizing the payment ecosystem and can replace many other payment methods. Check out all these trends that international players must be aware of to expand businesses to Brazil.

Speakers & Panelists

Volker Schloenvoigt



Edgar, Dunn & Company

Vinicius Vieira

Head of Business Development


Marcelo Osanai

Head of E-commerce, EBIT