[WEBINAR] The marketplace model: Added value or an economic recovery mechanism?

The current market situation has changed the way we purchase and pay. Because of government-imposed lockdowns, the volume of transactions through digital payment systems has increased steeply, heralding further increase in use of alternative payment methods such as NFC and QR code payment. Organisation, their employees and their customers irrespective of the industry sector are now adopting to ways of doing business via online platforms - a phenomenon already well underway before covid restrictions came into play.

But whilst the marketplace mode of sales can dramatically increase revenue and reach, it carries with it some significant risks and requires careful implementation.

By definition, the Marketplace (aka platform) approach is designed to enable interactions with vast numbers of suppliers and sellers. That process must include quick onboarding, efficient risk assessment and KYC, segregated revenue distribution, wide international payment method acceptance, fast settlement and much more. During this webinar you will hear about the best practice approach to setting up fast and secure payment framework for working with marketplaces and other platforms from a marketplace 'veteran' payment provider Limonetik.

Speakers & Panelists

Alan Moss


MD Europe for Western Europe

Newland Payment Technology

Masha Cilliers

Founder and Principal Consultant

Payment Options Ltd

Christophe Bourbier

Managing Director at Thunes Collections