[WEBINAR] PSD2 SCA: What is new in 3DS 2.2 and how to implement a seamless experience in merchant apps

The digital payments market is constantly under the pressure to provide better user experience and higher security in e-commerce transactions. Therefore, with the PSD2 clarifications, different SCA exemptions were introduced last year. Although, the new EMV 3DS 2.2.0 specification supports these exemptions, it is possible to apply them even earlier. The main improvements introduced with the EMV 3DS 2.2.0 protocol are better user experience, direct communication between the authentication and the merchant application, system initiated and decoupled transactions and whitelisted verification. In this session, the speaker will explain the details and the benefits of using the latest 3DS technology for online shopping. The audience will find it both educational and interesting for their business because 3DS is regulatory requirement and payment service players will need to integrate it as soon as possible.

Speakers & Panelists

Alan Moss


MD Europe for Western Europe

Newland Payment Technology

Suzana Kordumova

Senior Product Manager, Secure Digital Payments