[WEBINAR] Make or buy? How PSPs can extend their offering from online to POS and omnichannel payment

Dangerous times for PSPs: Retail customers are investing in omnichannel solutions. They often use different PSPs for POS and online payments and also for different countries. When implementing omnichannel strategies merchants need to consolidate their PSP landscape and use one PSP for all channels. Are you prepared for all channels and all countries?

In this webinar Ralf Gladis at Computop - the payment people will explain how PSPs can prepare for this and what requirements international merchants like Puma, s.Oliver and SIXT have.

Günther Froschermeier, CTO at CCV Germany will explain the different types of current and future terminals, the requirements they need to comply with and software functionalities they need to provide in international markets.

Speakers & Panelists

Mark Beresford



Edgar, Dunn & Company

Ralf Gladis

Founder & CEO


Günther Froschermeier


CCV Germany