[PODCAST] Talent Management Challenges in Payments

Talent management & People power took centre stage at MPE2020 conference, with the launch of its first dedicated panel sessions on ‘People for Payments’. The overall feedback from MPE2020 speakers underlined the role of talent management which is becoming much more important for the entire payments ecosystem.

Competition to secure talent is intensifying, as merchants and payments companies increasingly seek to gain advantage and differentiate themselves through their ‘people talent’. This creates a challenge for many organizations, as they seek to fill key roles and to source, develop, and retain individuals with desirable skills.

In this episode you will learn from seasoned payment professionals about:
- the biggest talent management challenges payment providers face in 2019/2020
- leadership/people: What is the type of people that are needed for the future of this ecosystem
- the challenges of bringing talent across sectors and geographies
- the new positions needed in the merchant payments ecosystem
- what is missing in the industry at the moment? The most difficult roles to fill-in and skillset necessary now

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